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Inner Path to Casa Professa in Palermo

Welcome to the blog “Pietre Vive Palermo – the artistic journey for your inner life”

As you read, here you will find the opportunity to embark on a personal and guided inner journey that follows the theme of a “virtual walk” inside a monument, specifically, inside the Church of the Gesù in Palermo, better known as Casa Professa.

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We have chosen Casa Professa because, in its structure, it faithfully reproduces the path of the Ignatian spiritual exercises and makes continuous references to the Divine Comedy.

This particularity facilitates and facilitates a profound interior reflection regardless of religious belief.
How to face this path?

First of all you simply need to cut out a few minutes of your daily time just for you.

It is not a great commitment in terms of time, but it must be a constant commitment because change is possible inconstancy and continuity.
Here are some practical tips.

To tackle the journey, it is good to follow these simple instructions:

Takes your time: decide how much time you can spend each day and not give it up; you can decide to take 15 or 20 minutes in the morning, in the evening or in the afternoon … when you prefer.

The fundamental thing is that it is a time free from any distraction: you are invited to turn off the phone or set it to “silent mode”.

➡️ plan time: don’t leave things to chance, decide beforehand and precisely, within your daily agenda, when to dedicate time to meditation.

➡️ take a place: if you can, choose a place suitable for meditation, where hardly anyone will come to distract you.

➡️ use pen and paper: take good note of the reflections helps to “articulate the thought”.

It is good to have a notebook dedicated to this moment in which you will place and date and your thoughts.

It does not need to be written well, no one will read it: the stream of consciousness helps you to take a second more time to write and realize, in your meditation of some aspects that otherwise you would not have faced.

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