How to best use the index.

The “rules” are always the same: we advise you to do one exercise a day, following the established order.

There will be articles with more exercises to do on different days.

The route can also be done independently. However, we have not put some exercises that need a personal guide and a “specific calibration” that is good to be done by a competent person.

If, during the journey, the desire to request a guide, to confront you on some themes that have created particular resonances in you or have created particular difficulties in you, will only arise in you, if only you will feel the need to be followed in order to be constant, you can do it by filling in the dedicated form.

Now a good journey!


First Meditation: Our Door

Second Meditation: Entrance to the Church

Third Meditation: The Judgment

Fourth Meditation: The two meetings

Fifth Meditation: Jesus meets a Blind man

Sixth Meditation: The Lion within us

Seventh Meditation: The Samaritan woman at the well

Eighth Meditation: The Lion that dominates

Ninth Meditation: The whole of the external counter-facade

Tenth Meditation: The Apple

Eleventh Meditation: The woman between solitude and emancipation

Work in progress

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