Welcome to the Pietre Vive Palermo blog.

In this blog, you will find a series of ideas for your meditations.

You will also have the opportunity to share the fruit of your meditations and reflections by asking an expert to accompany you through e-mail.

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We know that monuments and architectural forms have always been built with the aim of sending messages to their visitors and “explorers”.

Pietre Vive is an association of Ignatian inspiration (Sant Ignazio di Loyola) that observes churches and works of art, searching and deepening the spiritual message they convey.

Whether you are able to visit the church of Casa Professa or whether you are further away, we have created an interior path inspired by the church that you can also follow from your home.

dIn this path, it is not decisive if you are Catholic or not, if you think you are an atheist or if you profess any belief or philosophy of life, whatever your position, you are welcomed.

What interests us is you, with your thoughts.

For those who do not believe this index has been created
If you have any questions, if you have inside of your themes that you want to face and deepen but that in everyday life you cannot manage as you would like, you are welcomed.

Maybe you don’t know whom to talk about it with or you think you don’t have the time or you believe that certain topics can be treated only in certain places.

Here you will find a series of ideas for your meditations.

Click here and discover the Interior Walk project of Casa Professa

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